Photography By Michael Burnham | CLOSE AT HAND

Moment of Ignition, Match lighting

match, ignition, lighting, fire, flame, burn, macro, igniting,

Looking down the Barrel

44 Magnum, Gun, Hand Gun, Macro, Pistol, Smith, Smith & Wesson, Wesson, weapon

Moment of Ignition 2, Match Lighting

match, ignition, igniting, flame, fire, burn, macro,

Smith & Wesson 44 Magmun

Gun, "44 Magnum", "Smith & Wesson", pistol, Loaded, "Second Amendment"

Power Button

"power button", start, "power-up" light, key, "key board", macro, switch,

Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum

Gun, pistol, handgun, "357 Magnum" "Smith & Wesson", "Second Amendment", debate, defense, self-defense

44 Caliber Revolver

44 Caliber Revolver


Raspberries, food, fruits, red, delicious,

Matches waiting their turn

Matches waiting their turn

Chained Locked Door

Chained Locked Door